Enjoy Irresponsibly

by Inebrious Incarnate

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'Enjoy Irresponsibly' - the band's debut E.P. is out now, and free for download!


released May 3, 2015

Produced by Samuel Turbitt of Ritual Sound



all rights reserved


Inebrious Incarnate London, UK

Four drunken idiots, came together through a love of death metal and delicious booze.

The following is the result!

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Track Name: Bladdering the New Breed
Total, decimation of
Forced intoxication
through obscene means

Punishment, of the new breed
make his organs bleed
Pressure, make him one of us
force the whelp upon his knees

Bladdering, the new breed
poison, his bloodstream
Bladdering, the new breed
so fucked, he can't see

Insert the tube, into, his throat
force liquid into his bowels
Bubbling, retching, putrid sounds
the stench as hot sick hits the ground
Try it, again
pathetic whelp, we're not your friends
If you cannot neck this tin
don't bother coming round again

Bladdering, the new breed
so fucked, he can't breathe

Convulsing rancid mess
drenched in vomit, soaked in piss
"Get up you fucking state,
it's your round now, and it's not even late"

Take, control
you're so close to your goal
Stumble on
and order us in some shots

Inhale the fetid fumes,
kebab shop break before more booze
The flesh, it churns inside him
throat stings from shots of absinthe
He's barely walking
death waits for him come morning
But it's not over yet
take a deep breath


Then you will be

Track Name: Umbilical Beer Bong
Spawning, of the infant - bloodied, soiled and sober
A horrible mess, and putrid stench to match
I find no joy in this
I'm bored and wish that I was pissed
It's time to act
Umbilical inebriation tool

Grab a scalpel
slice carotid
of the doctor
arterial spray
take the new born
in my hand
for the first time
and the last
with a bone saw
I will cease
it's incessant bawling

While the mother screams, I tear the cord from her
I'm getting fucking blood, all over my shoes
Her cries are so piercing
So I choke her to death, with the umbilical noose
Her silent dead eyes, please me to no end

With babe in hand I bring the saw down

The skull splits easily
a clean cut made, from ear to ear
I remove the bone and the brain from my
first born's head

Raise the chalice and consume

Booze flows at alarming rate
through my dead kids corpse
Umbilical funnel, proves
efficient to a fault
Childbirth gore blends well with hops
goes down, smooth
Cerebral chunks, so rich and dark
so bitter, sweet
quite chocolaty
almost fruity
try with red meat

Pour, another beer through my baby bong
umbilical weaponised alcohol
I'll drink em down, till my body is numb
then head to the maternity ward

Pour, another beer through my baby bong
umbilical weaponised alcohol
I'll drink em down, till my body is numb
massacre in the maternity ward

Covered, with insides
inebriated infanticide
Scooping out
more brains
to make more for me and my mates
Umbilical cord beer bong
if it feels good it can't be wrong
Babies suck
beer rules
that is that
you can't change scientific fact
Track Name: Moist and Garrulous
Chemical amalgamations
internal degeneration
loss of motor functions imminent

Intake, increased to maximum
embrace total inabstinence
pound your organs into mush

Beyond the point of no return

So hot, the perspiration flows
your visions blurred

Collapse of - neural gland - brain can't cope
Cerebral - failure - comatose
Hibernate - for as long - as you can
Now it's time - to wake up - get ready
Round - two - begins

Drinking insanity
no respite for the weak
Booze up brutality
punish the meek

Sip, after sip
eternal swigs
drink all that's in sight
combat your boring life

You've reached euphoria
alcohol, over all
No such thing as enough
alcoholic utopia

Sink another pint, you've deserved it
you work hard and need, some release
Or don't make up, lame excuses
just drink like us, and become, a horrible human being

Neck your fucking drink
slam your pint pot down
Order in some more
we'll drink until it's dawn
Life is getting pissed
moist and garrulous