Bladdering the New Breed

from by Inebrious Incarnate

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Total, decimation of
Forced intoxication
through obscene means

Punishment, of the new breed
make his organs bleed
Pressure, make him one of us
force the whelp upon his knees

Bladdering, the new breed
poison, his bloodstream
Bladdering, the new breed
so fucked, he can't see

Insert the tube, into, his throat
force liquid into his bowels
Bubbling, retching, putrid sounds
the stench as hot sick hits the ground
Try it, again
pathetic whelp, we're not your friends
If you cannot neck this tin
don't bother coming round again

Bladdering, the new breed
so fucked, he can't breathe

Convulsing rancid mess
drenched in vomit, soaked in piss
"Get up you fucking state,
it's your round now, and it's not even late"

Take, control
you're so close to your goal
Stumble on
and order us in some shots

Inhale the fetid fumes,
kebab shop break before more booze
The flesh, it churns inside him
throat stings from shots of absinthe
He's barely walking
death waits for him come morning
But it's not over yet
take a deep breath


Then you will be



from Enjoy Irresponsibly, released May 3, 2015
Produced by Samuel Turbitt of Ritual Sound



all rights reserved


Inebrious Incarnate London, UK

Four drunken idiots, came together through a love of death metal and delicious booze.

The following is the result!

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